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Video production has evolved significantly over recent years. From general slide-type executions, videos can now be produced with state-of-the-art visuals and 3D graphics. The video production market is flooded with professional videographers – making it even more essential to stand out from the crowd now, more than ever before. The video production realm is challenged more with advanced technology.

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Today, more and more companies believe that video can be produced in-house, or even with just a mobile or tablet device. This convenience is of course encouraged; however, it does not necessarily mean that a video produced by a mobile phone will be of proper, corporate standard. The best way to break away from this standard response is to showcase high quality work that is already appreciated by others. Below are a few steps to creating compelling corporate videos:

1.Treat each project with care

Every project is different, whether you are servicing the same client or whether your projects are across many different brands or personalities. The importance of this step is to show your client that you are willing to treat their project with the utmost respect and give it all the attention you have. Each corporate video should be properly brainstormed and storyboarded. While you listen to your client’s desires, be sure to educate them about creative ideas as well as any limitations they should be wary of. Creative collaboration with your project and client is vital.

2.Ensure visuals being used have value

When you begin producing the corporate video, make sure that the client’s target audience is always top of mind. Take time to source or photograph genuine visuals that speak to the look and feel, style and tone of the video. This will enhance reactions from the target audience in a simple and effective way.

3.Embrace cinematography

Take risks and don’t be shy to stray from traditional corporate videos. By being dynamic and clever, your videos will automatically stick out from the crowd. Look for inspiration from films, commercials or music videos. Corporate videos that are treated in a cinematic (hence cinematography!) way are generally sharper and can often get the message across in a better way.

4.Leave your audience waiting for more

By creating a smart corporate video, you will automatically leave your audience looking for more content like this. The key is to have a solid ending to a short video, which makes the client want to create more corporate videos with you as well as their audience wanting to watch more video like that.


By creating compelling video, you will be able to craft a portfolio over varied brands that resonated well with the audience. Define your goals, create exceptional video content and embrace the engagement.


Larry Miller

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