About Larry

Hello and welcome to ArtsExpress FR, I’m Larry and I’m a photographer that also uses drones to photograph the landscape.

I first became interested in drone photography when my buddy Dave Miller got a tiny drone with an even tinier camera on it – the images sucked but I was hooked immediately! The very next day I went out and bought the exact same drone, and never looked back. Needless to say I’ve upgraded through various quadcopters, hexcopters and now back to a quadcopter, the awesome DJI Inspire 1.

I use this site (mainly) to look at the drone industry, hardware new solutions and so forth – my photographic work can be found on larrymillerphoto.us. From time to time I write tips posts, which I also share on LinkedIn (do we really need websites these days?!)

I’m available to provide photographic services, and also to write commentary for your publication, relating to the photography and drone industry – use the about form to get in touch!

See you on the other side,



My kit: